About us

VDG International is a Dutch‐German consulting company, formed as a result of the management buy‐out from the structures of the Deloitte&Touche / Bakkenist. We are specialised in issues related with management of companies at executive solutions levels. We support our Customers with our knowledge in forming structures and strategies of development and select managers and experts who are best for their realization.

Our solutions are addressed to global corporations as well as local companies, that want to improve the quality of the management in their organizations. Our Customers include numerous banks, financial
institutions, companies functioning in pharmaceutical, food, chemistry or production industries. We can be proud of multi‐years cooperation with a group of our stable Customers, as well as of a great number of
credentials given to Candidates with whom we were pleased to work.

Our mission is a fast, accurate and effective responding to requirements of our Clients. What is special about us is quality not the scope of activity. It may happen that we do not undertake a project when we do not have the certainty that we can help our Customers efficiently. On the other hand, we love challenges. Our inborn curiosity and the ability to look at the problems from a wider perspective allow us to find innovative, often non‐standard solutions. The combination of our knowledge, experience and skills makes us distinct at the market and enables us to constantly extend the group of fully satisfied Customers.


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